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Email marketing is a form of marketing where an electronic message is sent across to potential and current customers. It is a great form of marketing and has become an essential part of many businesses.

Whenever you receive an email, you just look at it and read or may be refused to open it.  What do you think are the reasons for emails to be rejected or not to be read at all?

Today We, as a Leading Email Marketing Company in Mumbai will explain you 9 reasons why your emails usually get rejected.

1.    No fresh content

The major reason for emails to be rejected is not sending fresh content. People have already visited your website and if you include the same message in your email, it is not going to make any impact on them. Therefore, make sure that the content of your email is fresh and is not the same old thing that is on your website.

2.    Subject lines

Subject lines play an important role in the opening emails. In the inbox, the first thing that comes to sight is the subject line. If the subject line itself is not attractive and not influence, it will be deleted without opening the email. Read up our guide on best subject lines for email marketing.

3.    Long and boring

We understand you want to convey your message to your client in the best possible way. However, making it long, lengthy and boring will only put your email in the trash. Make sure that your message is short, crisp and to the point. Many of them do not have the time to read your long messages, therefore, keep it short.

4.    Don’t get too personal

It is a good practice to add a sense of personalization to your emails. But going too overboard will not make any good impression. Make sure you stick to business-related topics and emails related to your company. Sending festivals and anniversaries related emails is a very good thing, but sending an email of 5th anniversary without any discount or offer makes no sense.

5.    Criticizing competitors

Don’t make an impression of yourself to be childish and trivial. It is important that you include the advantages and benefits of your product or service. But it makes no sense in comparing ad criticizing your product or service with your competitors. It gives a bad impression of your company.

6.    Not testing your display

You wouldn't appear to a date in a recolored shirt, or with bathroom tissue adhered to your shoe – which is the reason you look at your appearance before you arrive. Email is comparable to the above example. Make sure you test your display before sending it out in bulk. Try not to send an email to the customer without doing a display test.

7.    False emails

Lying to your customers is something that you must always avoid. Claiming that the offer or discount is one in a lifetime offer will not make sense if you give the same offer the next month. Giving false claims and highlighting qualities that you do not really have also will not work. Be transparent and make long-term relationships.

8.    Forgot receivers name

Adding a wrong name in the email will only bring damage to your campaign. By the name itself, the receiver will immediately put your email in the trash. Make sure you use the right names and personalize it.

9.    Bringing money too soon

Do not talk about sales and profits at the go. If you have a service or product to sell, talk about the free trial, benefits, etc. instead of directly talking about money.

These are the top 9 reasons why emails end up in the trash., the best Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai already covered some great topics on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing. Know more for Other Services, Visit here